Individual coaching:

How does it work?

1. Book Clarity session → 2. Gain Insight → 3. Experience Match Yes/No → 4. Choose Package→ 5. Begin To Grow


Step 1 Book a Clarity Session:
All coaching sessions start with an initial Clarity Session. A session can take place over the phone, via Skype or face-to-face. If you live in the Amsterdam surroundings, you can also opt for a coaching session during a walk. It is proven to stimulate the creativity and mental energy.

Step 2 Let’s Work Together:
If we decide to work together, I will create a tailor-made coaching package for you. This can consist of one-on-one sessions, role playing, design thinking, a development package with experience-driven exercises, group workshops, online check-ins and more.

Step 3 Choose A Package:
I can help you in several different different ways. Depending on what appears during the Clarity Session (your question and situation) the offer will be based on the following possibilities.

Step 4 Start To Grow:
The coaching agenda is yours. I usually help clients with:

  • Growing as an individual and as a professional
  • Effective communication with themselves and others
  • Improving self-care & work/life balance
  • Enhancing their self-esteem and dealing with their inner critic
  • Clarifying what they want in their life and career
  • Planning how to get there
  • Finding the courage to take risks
  • Presenting in a convincing manner and being visible


(3 months)

The Explorer in Practice. You have a concrete challenge and are looking for answers and useful skills.

(6 months)

The High-Achiever. For people who are seriously occupied with transformation and are searching for permanent change.

(12 months)

The Leader. For people who are ready to create their own life in extraordinary ways and to embody their truth.

(2 days)

Total immersion. A combination package to achieve fast results in a short time-frame.

1. Elements Package (3 months)
The Explorer in Practice. For people who are starting out with coaching and are looking for answers and new skills.

Example of your situation:
You experience challenges in communication with colleagues and clients. You’re wondering whether this work really suits you. Or you’d like to get higher up, but are afraid that you will be overlooked. You’re wondering what is needed in order to negotiate better or to present in a convincing manner.

What we do:
Using concrete exercises and playful interventions, we increase your awareness, strengthen your skills, and find the right steps.

  • Effective communication
  • Visibility
  • Work that suits you
2. Transformation Package (6 months)
The High-Achiever. For people who are seriously occupied with transformation and are searching for permanent change.

Example of your situation:
You want a lot, are capable of a lot, and understand a lot. But a lot is also expected of you. Sometimes by yourself as well. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of time for fun, for leisure, or simply for yourself. You’re juggling a lot at once and you would like to approach this differently. But it’s all so much and the point is, you often postpone the things that are important. Or you feel it has to be perfect. (In fact, you actually know all this already; you don’t need a coach because you’d rather not ask for help.)

What we do:
Through working together intensively and by means of in-depth questions and practical assignments, you get insight into your patterns and I help you to avoid getting stuck with yourself. A variety of coaching methods and behavioural change supports you to discover flow and space.

  • Balance and ease in work / private life
  • Doing what you resolve to do in a sustainable manner
  • Work and success, on your terms
  • Having fun
3. Embodiment Package (12 months)
The Leader. For people who are ready to create their own life in extraordinary ways and to embody their truth.

Example of your situation:
You know you have it in you to make a real difference, but you keep getting stuck in the same patterns. You know your talents and challenges and desire growth, but you’re missing someone who can look at all this with you. Someone who makes sure you remain on your course, and keep taking the right steps. You know that real transformation requires commitment, and you are willing to do something (or stop doing something) every day in order to get ahead.

What we do:
We follow a tailor-made programme of 12 months, designed to strengthen your authentic leadership in challenging situations.

  • Personal leadership
  • Realising your dreams
  • Autonomy and growth
  • Making a difference
4. Intensive Package (2 days)
This is a combination package for quick results in a short time-frame (total immersion).

Example of your situation:
A presentation or imortant new position is coming up soon, and you’d like to prepare for this. Or you want to develop and implement certain communication skills and don’t have time for a longer trajectory.

What we do:
We will completely immerse you in experience-driven exercises and one-on-one coaching. We’ll begin at the end: your desired result. The insights are applied directly, results are fed back, and skills are deepened. On the job and tailor-made.

  • Growth spurt
  • Confidence
  • Directly applicable success

How can I help you?

I will reserve 1 1/2 hours for you. The Clarity Session costs 40,- euros.
It isn’t a ’taster’ or a sales talk in disguise, it’s real help.
No matter what, you’ll get some insight, and we’ll be able to see whether there’s a click.

A Clarity Session gives you insight into what is blocking you and what you can do. We can meet in my space in Amsterdam, or via Skype.
Twice a month, on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon, I hold a Clarity Session. Reserve your spot here.

Waar coaching op neerkomt

Meer Helderheid Meer Keuzes Meer skills Meer Power Meer Impact Meer Success

Ik ben er niet om je te vertellen wat je moet doen. Ik help je gedrag af te stemmen met wie je bent en wat je verlangt. Mijn coachingstijl is faciliterend. Ik zal je helpen te denken vanuit verschillende perspectieven. We gaan een wereld van mogelijkheden openen. Ik help je bewust worden van je belemmerende overtuigingen en patronen. En vaak zullen we onze mouwen opstropen en experimenteren.

Meer dan al mijn slimme vragen of waarnemingen, is het onze relatie die je zal helpen groeien. Het zal gebaseerd zijn op warmte, acceptatie en verbinding. Ik zal je een veilige plek bieden om jezelf te zijn, te verkennen en te experimenteren.

Wordt het soms een uitdaging? Ja. Verandering is altijd uitdagend, maar op een opwindende, speelse manier. Ik ben toegewijd om eerlijk tegen je te zijn. Ik zal je de dingen vertellen die andere mensen in je leven misschien niet zeggen. Ik zal altijd aan jouw kant staan.

Dit soort coaching is niet voor angsthazen, en niet voor diegenen die antwoorden op een presenteerblaadje willen krijgen. Dit is een transformatief proces – dus kom met een honger en nieuwsgierigheid om te transformeren, en kijk hoe de magie zich ontvouwt.

Ik kan er nog veel meer over zeggen, maar transformationele coaching moet worden ervaren om begrepen te worden. Laten we samen een Ophelderingsessie doen (zonder verplichtingen) zodat je zelf kan zien of coaching iets voor je is.
Ik kijk ernaar uit om aan de slag te gaan!