You & yourself

Customized packages based on individual themes for professional and personal growth.

You & the other

Various group training sessions to sharpen your communication skills: feedback, presentation, customer orientation or improvisation.

You & your team

Unique psychophysical workshop for teams of 6 – 30 people. 2 hours of simple exercises in The Pressure Cooker provides insight into yourself and your team. 

Jij & jezelf

1-1 Coaching

Op maat gemaakte pakkettten op basis van individuele thema’s voor professionele en persoonlijke groei

Jij & de ander

communicatie training

Diverse groepstrainingen om je communicatie skills aan te scherpen: feedback, presenteren, klantgerichtheid of improviseren.  

Jij & je team

The pressure cooker

Unieke psychofysieke workshop voor teams van 6 tot 30 personen. 2 uur lang simpele oefeningen geeft inzicht in jezelf en je team.  

Grow as a person.
Results that suit you.

Develop Personal Leadership

How you deal with yourself determines how you deal with everything. Your unconscious behavior, your skills or the “talk program” in your head; it all affects your results. With self-knowledge and connecting skills, your personal leadership grows, allowing you to achieve results that suit you.
What are your challenges?

We cover 5 levels:

  1. What you do (behavior)
  2. Awareness and mindset
  3. What is going on inside you (feelings and needs)
  4. Choosing and taking the right steps (strategy)
  5. What matters to you (spiritually, your values)

These levels interact with each other. Together we look at where you can gain the most.

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