Group Coaching for People Pleasers, Overthinkers, and Inner Critics.

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Learn to say "No" without guilt. Learn to say "Yes" to what matters most. Grow from reacting and accomodating to CREATING on your own terms.

I really like the group coaching. It was so easy for everyone to share what they were struggling with. It was a very comfortable environment.

The fact that it is in a group ensures that even when others are talking, you still gain coaching lessons. I sometimes learned even more during other people’s coaching sessions than my own.

It helped me a lot to understand myself but also others better.


I take more initiative now and I ask more questions in groups.

I doubted whether everyone really wanted to open up,
but very quickly this was no longer an issue. It is surprising to know that you are not the only one who struggle with similar problems. I learned a lot from the sessions of others.

The conclusion for everything and everyone came down to self-love/acceptance.

I am a fan of the group coaching concept and I think many more people can benefit from this.


  • Do you:

    • Struggle with saying “no”?
    • Try to keep everyone happy?
    • Wish you could speak up more?
    • Feel depleted often while collaborating?
    • Accommodate what you think is expected of you?
    • Experience guilt and anxiety more than most?
    • Cringe at the thought of people not liking you?
    • Overthink every possible outcome before deciding?
    • Say “yes” to everything and everyone, even though you don’t want to?
  • During the Group Coaching you will:

      • Discover how to operate from inside out…
      • Learn the fundamentals of setting boundaries…
      • Expand your perspective on how to achieve more with less
      • Create a powerful way of showing up in the world…
      • Grow personally by reaching your professional goals …
      • Become the creator of your own course in life…
      • Attain both fulfillment AND success

Niels' vision on unlocking your potential ...


Develop personal leadership
and authenticity

Stop doing what (you think) you’re supposed to be doing. Stop being a stressed hard worker. And start creating what is meaningful to you. Become a confident leader. Be the YOU-est version of YOU.


Cultivate self-care
and inner peace

Don’t compare other people’s OUTSIDE to how you feel INSIDE. Advance your career, while becoming calmer & happier. Become unfuckwithable.


Embody a free, loving and powerful way of being in the world.

Stop hoping for someone else’s life and start creating yours. Learn to be effective with skills you already have. Become the Creator of your own career, life and experience.

During group coaching, I learned to listen to my own feelings. I now act more quickly based on that feeling.

It is valuable how I can now reflect on my own behavior (be my own coach): why do I make the choices I do and is that what I really want or am I letting myself be influenced by it.

Actively listening to colleagues from the idea of improving myself has also proved very valuable to me. That has helped me to gain more insight into myself.

The openness with which everyone talks and listens about such personal topics. That has made us closer as a group in a short time and shows (again) that you can be more than colleagues.


I take more action, decisions & responsibility, because I have more insight into my own drives & beliefs. I see now that there are many facets to leadership, and that you don’t have to fully master all of them before you can be a good leader.

Had heard many things before, but only during this coaching process did I really start to feel and believe them.

Group coaching accomplished more than pure coaching; in fact, it also created a closer bond between colleagues.


My Approach To Coaching

My name is Niels Horeman and I’m your coach. I’ve been helping people to increase personal leadership for 20+ years. I’ve seen thousands of professionals like you in various fields improve their self-care, develop effective communication and a sense of meaning.

I use powerful coaching techniques and philosophies, based on the latest neuroscience. I combine this with playful physical tools to help you implement and ultimately embody your insights towards transformation.

I Am:

  • warm & confronting,
  • loving & slightly disruptive,
  • sensitive & funny,
  • practical & lighthearted.
  • And, according to my clients, I’m pretty intense.With your permission, I will light a fire under your butt.
Let’s find out of we are a good fit during a free 90-minute clarity session!

I recognize situations where I am pleasing instead of choosing for myself, and now dare to enter into conflict. This leaves me with energy for other things.

Niels helps me get to the core of the problem and therefore I can work on my behavior on a deeper level.

I initially doubted the relevance of coaching others for my personal improvement issues. Instead, I got to know my colleagues and myself on a deeper level. And we were able to discuss each other’s progress and challenges.


I hesitated about whether (listening to) others could help me with my problems. That wasn’t necessary because this turned out to be the strongest element.

I have become more mature and confident, more in control of my life. For example, I look differently at my fears (Am I good enough? What do others think of me?). This now makes me feel confident and calm.

By really listening carefully to what others have to say and looking for the “gold” in their conversations, you can learn a tremendous amount yourself. This accelerated our development.


Practical Information

Group Coaching

  • Two 120-minute group coaching sessions a month, via the online platform Zoom.
  • Peer group 1-1 during off weeks, for connection with 4-8 other like-minded people. All are committed to uncovering their Creative Power and helping each other win..
  • Support between calls via a private Facebook group.
  • A maximum of eight members at any one time.
  • Membership of the group is on a rolling basis, but you must initially join for a period of six months.
Here’s my invitation: This is for you — the dedicated, motivated professional — this is your time to set yourself apart from the others in your office and join the ranks of leaders and creators. (even if you’re just starting out)

You want to become the kind of professional who has what it takes to thrive in your workplace AND in your life. You want to develop personal leadership.

You know, deep down, you have the devotion, passion and drive to make a real difference in the world.

Only problem is you experience a gap between what you know you’re capable of and what actually comes out. A gap between what you say and what you feel inside. A gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Niels Horeman
Sound good?
“No, I don’t need coaching.”
Let’s make sure:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why group sessions?

You don’t have to do it alone. You are supported by the other group members, who cushion, mirror, or encourage you. We provide the right balance of learning from and through each other. And you get powerful coaching from me. So you can accelerate your development and achieve more than on your own with self-help books.

And your companions become powerful allies. Or even friends.

How many members are in the group?

A maximum of eight members at any one time.

How often do the sessions take place?

Two 120-minute group coaching sessions a month, via the online platform Zoom.

Are there different programs available?

Yes, you can choose between three different programs, which consist of 3 months (6 sessions), 6 months (12 sessions) or 12 months (20 sessions).


Can I do individual coaching as well?

This is absolutely possible. We can talk about this during the free clarity session.

What if I don’t like groups or the other members?

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For whom is this NOT a good program?

We’re not a good fit for people who:

–         Want a quick fix

–         Aren’t willing to put in the work

–         Aren’t willing to try out new things

–         Don’t do what they said they would

–         Are sent by their company, or spouse

–         Aren’t willing to feel or express their emotions

–         Think the others should be the ones to change

–         Want to be taken by the hand and be told what to do

What is a 1-1 Peer group session?

1-1 Peer group session is where you give and reveive support from other members, during the off-weeks.

It works as a rotating system between our group sessions and is there to build strong relationships between members. You can share insight and hold each other accountable to keep momentum.

It is experienced as a very powerful element to support you in your growth.

Ready to become a Creator?
This is your chance.
Do you want to navigate your own course? Do you want to operate on your own terms?
If you’re ready to start creating now, lets talk.