Do you recognise this?

You’re smart
You are driven
You’re good at a lot of things

It just doesn’t always find its way out

You are further than you think.

With many professionals like you, I see the same challenge. During the early years of your working life, the possibilities seemed endless. But more and more you think “is this it?” your ambition still burns, but regularly you collide with the reality of everyday life.

Working harder isn’t the solution either. In fact, the very qualities that brought you to this point are the very reason you are not moving forward. So you start to hide, to adjust, to doubt. And because you are so preoccupied with solutions, pleasing and taking care of others, you forget one thing.


I’m an expert at connecting people with themselves. And I know this about you:

During my work as a coach, trainer and training actor, I discovered 9 qualities that make professionals like you successful, and which at the same time get in the way. Your talents become your challenges.

  1. You’re a master of solutions.

You get energy from situations that engage your thinking skills. But because you recognize patterns quickly, you have fewer challenges. So you’re going to procrastinate, be late or hesitate. And you lose sight of your dreams. What do you really want?

  1. Your intelligence is your strength.

You are used to intellectual stimulation, so your first reflex is: understand (see #1 solutions). However, situations (and people) are often complex and ambiguous. This requires more than knowledge and reasoning. How do you develop emotional intelligence and intuition?

  1. You’re passionate

Your drive causes you to see everything at once – and want to carry it out – causing you to have to do a lot of things and become overwhelmed. When there are so many options, it’s difficult to choose and to really start. Or conversely, can you stop and relax before you get overwhelmed?

  1. You like to care for others

You like to give because working together is important to you. Above all, it just feels right to contribute something. But it’s hard to say “No”, without feeling guilty. How do you change a transactional relationship into a meaningful and equal connection?

  1. You have deep, conflicting values which rise to the surface the more success you have.

What you accomplished seemed to come naturally. It came from your underlying values and motivations. However, there is also a competing value that is counterproductive and is now holding you back. Becoming aware of that is necessary so you can create new choices to get to your next level.

  1. You strive for perfection.

The more you achieve, the greater the thrill, the higher you set the bar. This creates inner pressure which paralyses you. I’m not saying you should be satisfied with less. I help you get yourself out of the way.

  1. You are future-focused.

You are quick to think in hypothetical scenarios. As a result, you rarely take the time to slow down and reflect on yourself. Simple presence points you to concrete possibilities in the here & now.

  1. You don’t need help

No, you really don’t. You’re used to solving things on your own. Autonomy is high on your list of values. And vulnerability, well, that’s quit a bit lower on the list. Which means you’re missing the opportunity to grow. And to deepen your relationships, for example in the shape of your own support team.

  1. You don’t have anyone who is telling you ‘the truth’.

Because you focus on the content and like to keep your conversations cozy, it becomes increasingly difficult to really open up. And because you don’t give others occasion to do so, not many people will tell you what’s really going on inside of them. So how are you able to grow?


What we can do.

Often, I am one of the few people in the world of my clients who is not there to please them.

I listen with great warmth and empathy to your stories and your fears. But this won’t stop us. So I will be very honest and say what no one around you dares to say. I will do this coming from a place of my own authenticity and vulnerability.

I also believe that you yourself have the answers within you. Our collaboration is aimed at freeing this again.

The best way I know to help you with this is to let you experience it in a conversation. That’s why I keep space available every week for a Clarity Session.

Click Here to book a Clarity Session.

What does it take to bridge the gap
between what you do now and
who you want to be?

How can I help you?

I reserve 1 1/2 hours for you. The Clarification Session costs a one-time fee of 40,- It can be done in my space in Amsterdam, or via Zoom.

A Clarity Session gives you insight into what is blocking you and what you can do.
To me there’s no difference between this conversation with you and my regular clients.
We talk, you’ll get some insights and we can see if there’s a match.

Twice a month, on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon, I hold a Clarity Session. Reserve your spot here.