You are:

  • Prepared to invest in yourself
  • Hungry for change – small or large
  • Motivated to step outside your comfort zone
  • Ready to take charge and responsibility for yourself
  • Open to believe in yourself (or in me, until you can do it yourself)

I am:

3 in 1

  • Professional coach with various accredited training programs
  • 16+ year trainer in communication and personal development
  • 25+ years of actor, director and television producer (design thinking)

My background
I love learning. I underpin my work as a coach with various studies in neuroscience, mindfulness, embodiment, etc. As a communications trainer, I have worked with hundreds of companies and professionals and seen how they work from the inside. As an actor, I put myself in others’ shoes on a daily basis. A wealth of experience in behavior change and creativity.

My philosophy: practice what you preach
However, I don’t ask my clients for anything that I’m not willing to do myself. I know what it is to be coached. Most of all, it is my own coach and therapist who helps me continue to grow. For example, to remind me that I’m okay even when I’m not studying 😉 Getting help helps me too.

My previous work: playing with behavior
As long as I can remember, I’ve loved to be engaged with human behaviour. First in my own life – analyzing and creating my own thoughts. And experiment with ways of being in the world. Then I made it my job as an actor.

My lesson: out of my head – in my body
The most important thing I have learned is to trust my gut. I tried to understand everything first, was a fast-talker and got away with it (I thought). That didn’t work anymore. I felt powerless, frustrated and empty. It wasn’t until I learned to integrate my body and intuition that it clicked for me. As a result, I now have meaningful relationships, fulfillment and self-confidence.

I believe everyone gets joy from growth and making a difference. This is my way of leaving the world a little better. Moreover, I learn from all my clients. That makes me a richer person. Win-win.

My values
It is beautiful and meaningful when people people connect with themselves so that they can consciously create their world. My values are awareness, creativity, connection, beauty and meaning.

And what about you?
What are your values?
What do you dream of?
What’s stopping you?

My strength is my antenna
I enjoy working with introverted professionals in cognitive professions. Sometimes they are stuck in their heads, just like I used to be. I love to discover and free one’s inner self for more “aliveness”.

I come most alive when I can disrupt ingrained patterns and then follow my curiosity. For example, I ask a deepening question so that you start to see some thing differently. Or I’ll give you a confrontational exercise that exposes where you are getting in your own way. Pretty irritating sometimes, but valuable and liberating. We playfully find alternatives to translate your inner world into actions in the outer world.

My ideal clients
I love working with driven, sensible, warm-hearted, aware and courageous people with a rich inner world, who are eager to make the world a little more beautiful.

My goal: to unlock potential
I empower you to live from your core and give you tools for personal leadership. That is, knowing who you have become and seeing who you can be. Empathy is essential here. As well as humour and laughing at yourself.

My idea of success
I’m not going to tell you what to do. Because I believe you know much better yourself. You may not feel that way now. We are going to discover that together. I’m not your typical ‘success’ coach. My work is not just about results. But results are inevitable when you’re working with me. You will have changed, on your terms, with satisfaction. That is success.

My journey: learning and experiencing
My journey leads me through documentary making, acting, theater making, communication training and coaching. Many adventures that come down to perceiving, connecting and helping to create. I always spend my time and money on 2 things: learning and experiencing. And having fun along the way!

My insight:
Happiness does not come from achieving goals. It comes from progress toward a worthy dream and the personal growth this activates. It’s about who you become along the way. That means both changing and accepting.

I stopped “thinking how I should be.” I still feel quite powerless, frustrated and empty at times. The progress is that I allow myself to do this and it doesn’t determine my choices. That makes a difference. Looking back at who I was, I can say that I have progressed quite a lot! To me, that is happiness.

This is powerful, especially as it allows me to contribute to others and give back what I have learned.

My environment
In the meantime, I’ve found several fantastic teachers – my parents, directors, colleagues and many spiritual mentors and coaches. All these people inspire me. Not only with what they do, but more importantly with how they are in life.

Now I live with my girlfriend Laura and daughter Maya in Amsterdam where I help people to live from the inside out. With awareness and practical skills, I help them to attain both material and spiritual success.

I love my clients, I love the work we do and I love bringing it into the world.

And what about you?
Who did you become?
Who would you like to be?

What you can expect:

  • Judgment-free zone
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Help in creating clarity
  • Building confidence
  • Inspiration to act, despite fear or sabotaging thoughts
  • A break-through in what is blocking you
  • A challenge to focus your energy on what you truly want
  • A translation of your dreams into achievable goals
  • A partner in transformation

How do we know whether we’re the right match?
Request a Clarity Session !

How can I help you?

I reserve 1 1/2 hours for you. The Clarification Session costs a one-time fee of 40,- It can be done in my space in Amsterdam, or via Zoom.

A Clarity Session gives you insight into what is blocking you and what you can do.
To me there’s no difference between this conversation with you and my regular clients.
We talk, you’ll get some insights and we can see if there’s a match.

Twice a month, on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon, I hold a Clarity Session. Reserve your spot here.